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As part of efforts to curb transit-related crime, New York City will increase the number of police officers stationed in the subway system

Transit crime is on the rise in New York City, and the police department is looking to do something about it. Starting this month, officers will be deployed to patrol subway stations in an effort to reduce incidents of theft and vandalism. This new initiative follows a similar program implemented earlier this year in which officers were assigned to exclusively patrol buses and trains in central Manhattan. The goal is to make transit more secure for riders and deter criminal activity, especially during busy times like rush hour. While this may seem like a draconian measure, it’s necessary given the current climate of transit crime. In particular, subway theft has increased by 50% over the past five years, and vandalism has also seen a significant uptick. If you live or travel in New York City, be sure to keep your belongings safe by using common sense when travelling on the subway system.

Transit crime is on the rise in New York City

According to the NYPD, transit crime is on the rise in New York City. To combat this trend, the NYPD has announced a plan to bolster police presence in the subway system. The plan will see officers assigned to specific stations and increased patrols throughout the system. In addition, NYPD officials are also working with MTA officials to create a transit Crimes Unit. This unit will be responsible for investigating and prosecuting crimes related to transportation. Transit crime includes fare evasion, larceny, and assault. In 2016, transit crimes accounted for 36% of all arrests made by the NYPD.

The NYPD is set to bolster its police presence in the subway system

As of this month, the NYPD is set to bolster its police presence in the subway system. The goal of this new initiative is to crack down on transit crime, and make sure that riders feel safe while using the subway system. According to the NYPD, Transit Crime consists of a wide variety of offenses that can impact riders’ safety, including fare evasion and vandalism.

To ensure that officers are able to focus on policing Transit Crime, the NYPD has ordered more than 350 additional officers to be stationed throughout the subway system. These officers will be assigned to specific units dedicated to Transit Crime enforcement, and will be equipped with critical tools necessary for tackling this type of crime. Additionally, the NYPD is working with local businesses and other organizations to create a partnership network that will help support their efforts against Transit Crime.

This new initiative is an important step forward for the NYPD as it strives to improve rider safety and security across all of its facilities. By working together with local businesses and organizations, the NYPD hope to create a collaborative model that can help them address transit crime in a more effective way.

The aim of the move is to crack down on transit crime

In an effort to crack down on transit crime, New York City is set to bolster police presence in the subway system. The move comes as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new “Vision Zero” initiative, which aims to eliminate fatalities and injuries caused by traffic crashes in the city by 2024. Starting this month, officers will be deployed to areas around the subway system that have seen an increase in crime, including near stations and major transfer points. New Yorkers can also look forward to seeing more officers on board trains and buses in the coming months.

This increase in police presence is designed not only to deter criminals from targeting the subway system, but also to improve safety for passengers. This year alone, Transit Police have recorded over 3,000 criminal incidents on the subway system—including 109 robberies and 217 assaults. According to NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Public Information Michael Roomganza, these figures demonstrate that transit crime is a serious issue that needs to be addressed head-on.

Since Mayor de Blasio’s predecessor, Bloomberg, implemented similar measures back in 2013, overall crime rates across the city have decreased by about 10%. This data suggests that investing resources into policing the subway system is one of many effective ways of reducing violence across NYC.

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