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Gowns from the Viktor & Rolf couture show were worn sideways and upside down

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The Dutch designer duo of Viktor & Rolf presented their latest couture show in Paris recently, and it was quite a sight to behold. The collection featured upside-down and sideways gowns, as well as garments made out of recycled plastics and papers. The result was a stunning showcase of fashion innovation and sustainability. In this blog post, we’ll explore the incredible details from the show to get an even better understanding of what this designer team accomplished with their couture show. From the materials used to the prints and structures, let’s take a closer look at everything Viktor & Rolf had to offer.

Viktor & Rolf’s unique couture show

In a Viktor & Rolf couture show, one can expect to see the most unique and avant-garde designs. The label is known for their conceptual and playful approach to fashion. For their latest show, they did not disappoint with upside-down and sideways gowns that challenged the traditional idea of what a dress should look like.

Despite the unconventional designs, the pieces were still incredibly wearable and flattering. The upside-down dress, for example, featured a voluminous skirt that balanced out the inverted bodice. And the sideways dress had an asymmetrical silhouette that was both eye-catching and elegant.

It’s clear that Viktor & Rolf are pushing the boundaries of couture fashion. With their inventive designs, they are making sure that couture is always evolving and innovating.

The different types of gowns featured

The Viktor & Rolf couture show featured a variety of different gowns, including upside-down and sideways gowns. The upside-down gowns were particularly unique, with the bodices being worn on the outside and the skirts being worn on the inside. The sideways gowns were also eye-catching, with one side of the dress being much longer than the other. These unique designs are sure to turn heads at any event!

How to wear an upside-down or sideways gown

In order to wear an upside-down or sideways gown, first find a dress that fits you well. Next, put on the dress and then turn it upside down or sideways so that the hem is at your waist. Finally, use a belt or sash to cinch the dress at your natural waistline to create a flattering silhouette.


Viktor & Rolf’s couture show displayed an array of unique and eye-catching gowns, from upside-down and sideways designs to a rainbow of colors. It was truly a sight to behold and showed that their dedication to pushing the boundaries in fashion can result in some stunning garments. The collection made it clear that Viktor & Rolf are never afraid to try out new ideas or take risks with their designs, making them one of the most exciting names in fashion today.

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