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From league bottom to title contenders Five factors that contributed to Manchester United’s remarkable revival

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Manchester United has been one of the biggest names in football for over a century now. But even they couldn’t have predicted the heights to which they would eventually reach. From relegation zone dwellers to title contenders, here are five reasons behind Manchester United’s remarkable resurgence.

Manchester United’s new manager

Manchester United’s new manager, Louis van Gaal, has had a positive impact on the club since taking charge in December. Here are five reasons behind their remarkable resurgence:

1. A new philosophy
Van Gaal is introducing a new philosophy at United, which focuses on possession and passing instead of relying on long shots. The team has improved significantly since he took over, averaging more than 50% possession in all competitions since December. This has led to better results as United have won nine of their last 12 games in all competitions.

2. Improved fitness levels
United’s players have been much fitter under Van Gaal, with an average peak power output of almost 190 watts (more than twice that of previous manager David Moyes). This has helped them overcome opponents who are physically stronger and faster.

3. Stronger defence
United’s defence has also improved dramatically under Van Gaal, conceding only 25 goals in 34 Premier League games (compared to 36 goals in 38 games under Moyes). Their inconsistent offence is largely due to their poor defensive performances, but this is now starting to change.

4. Effective use of subs

Van Gaal is a tactically astute manager and he knows how to use his subs effectively to change the game situation e.g. when substituting Memphis Depay for Juan Mata during the FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal was crucial in setting up Wayne Rooney’s goal later in the game. He has also used

The return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Manchester United have returned to the title contenders this season and for good reasons.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has returned to the side, and he has proved himself as one of the best strikers in the world once again. The Swede has scored 22 goals in all competitions so far this season, which is a massive contribution to the team’s success.

Ander Herrera and Paul Pogba have also been crucial players for Manchester United this season. Herrera has been an effective defensive midfielder and Pogba has been instrumental in creating chances for his teammates. The French international has created 69 chances so far this season, which is the most of any player in Europe’s top five leagues.

The signings of Fred and Diogo Dalot have also helped Manchester United achieve their resurgence this season. Fred was signed as a defender and he has played a big role in helping United keep clean sheets. Meanwhile, Diogo Dalot has impressed in defence and midfield and he will be a valuable player for United going forward.

All these factors have contributed to Manchester United’s resurgence this season, and they are now looking favourites to win the Premier League title.

Improved defence

In the last few seasons, Manchester United have been in a steady decline. However, this season they have shown some signs of improvement, which has led to them topping the table. Here are five reasons behind their resurgence:

1. Improved defence – The defence has been one of the main strengths for Manchester United this season. They have conceded only 24 goals in 34 games, which is a significant improvement from previous seasons. This has helped them to stay at the top of the table despite having a weaker offence than usual.

2. Improved midfield – The midfield has also been improved this season. Angel di Maria and Paul Pogba have both had impressive seasons and have helped to improve the team’s attacking play. This has helped them score more goals and stay at the top of the table.

3. Improved attack – Despite their improved defence and midfield, Manchester United’s greatest strength this season has been their attack. They have scored more goals than any other team in the league and this has contributed significantly to their success. Their variety in attack means that they can be effective no matter what opponent they are facing.

4. Managerial changes – Antonio Conte replaced Louis van Gaal as manager this season, which may have played a part in their improvement. Van Gaal was not popular with many fans and his replacement may have given some players confidence that things were changing for the better under new management.

5. Improved teamwork – One of the main reasons

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