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Jelena Dokic, a former tennis star, criticizes trolls for obscene posts about her body

Jelena Dokic, former World No. 4 in women’s tennis and Australian Open semifinalist, has been a victim of online trolling over her appearance. After deciding to speak out against the trolls and the body-shaming culture, she is now on a mission to help empower women everywhere. In this blog post, we will take a deeper look into Jelena’s story and what she has done to fight back against online bullies. We will also discuss how her experience can be used as an example for other women who may find themselves in similar situations.

Jelena Dokic slams trolls over offensive posts about her body

In a recent interview, former tennis star Jelena Dokic spoke out against the trolls who have been leaving offensive comments about her body on social media.

Dokic, who is now a mother and coach, said that she has been targeted by body-shaming trolls since she was a teenager and that they have only gotten worse in recent years.

She slammed those who have made comments about her weight, saying that they have no idea what it is like to be in her shoes and that they should be ashamed of themselves.

Dokic also spoke about how she has learned to love her body despite the haters and how she hopes that other women can do the same.

Dokic says she’s proud of her body

Jelena Dokic has hit back at trolls who have made offensive comments about her body.

The former tennis star, who is now a coach and commentator, took to Twitter to hit out at the haters, writing: “To all the haters out there. Yes I’m proud of my body.”

Dokic, who has been vocal about her struggles with body image in the past, added: “I’ve come along way (sic) and I’m still standing.”

The 30-year-old also shared a screenshot of some of the vile comments she had received, which included references to her weight and her appearance.

In a lengthy thread, Dokic urged others not to be “afraid” of speaking out against online bullying.

“Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourselves,” she wrote. “It’s not easy all the time but it’s worth it.”

Dokic calls out trolls for their body-shaming comments

In a recent blog post, former tennis star Jelena Dokic called out trolls for their body-shaming comments. Dokic, who is now a mother and coach, has been the target of body-shaming comments for years, but she says that she’s finally had enough.

“For years I’ve been called too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, too ugly,” she wrote. “I’m done with all of the name-calling and body-shaming.”

Dokic says that she’s proud of her body and that she shouldn’t have to justify her appearance to anyone. She also called on other women to stand up to body-shamers and to love themselves just as they are.

“We are all beautiful,” she wrote. “And we should all be proud of our bodies.”


Jelena Dokic has shown tremendous courage and resilience in the face of cyberbullying. Her story is an important reminder that we must stand up to trolls who use social media to attack people’s appearance or spread hateful messages. It is also a message to all those affected by online bullying – you have the power to take control of your own narrative, and it begins with speaking out against those who are trying to tear you down. Jelena Dokic is an inspiration for anyone struggling with body image issues; only together can we create a more inclusive digital space free from malicious attacks on our physical appearances.

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