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Why Dad and Buried is the Perfect Escape for Stressed Out Parents

Are you tired of reading the same old parenting blogs that only offer tips and advice? Do you want to read something that will make you laugh and feel understood? Look no further than Dad and Buried, the anti-parenting blog that has taken the internet by storm.

With his witty and irreverent take on fatherhood, author Mike Julianelle has created a space where parents can commiserate over the struggles of raising kids while also finding humor in the chaos. Whether he’s discussing the challenges of potty training or the joys of watching cartoons, Mike’s writing is always honest, relatable, and entertaining.

The Birth of Dad and Buried: How One Father Turned His Frustration into a Successful Blog

It all started with a Facebook post. In 2013, Mike Julianelle shared a photo of himself before and after becoming a father, captioned “Before and After Kids: The Saddest Story in 4 Pictures.” The post went viral, and Mike realized he had tapped into a universal truth: parenting is hard, and sometimes it’s okay to admit that.

From there, Mike launched Dad and Buried, a blog where he could share his experiences as a father while also poking fun at the absurdities of parenthood. With his unique voice and perspective, Mike quickly gained a following and has since published two books, “Daddy Needs a Drink” and “The Parenting Paradox.”

The Importance of Being an Anti-Parent

When you become a parent, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of being a “perfect” mom or dad. You want to make sure your kids are happy, healthy, and successful, and you’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. But sometimes, the pressure to be a “good” parent can be overwhelming.

That’s where the concept of being an anti-parent comes in. Being an anti-parent doesn’t mean you don’t care about your kids or that you’re a bad parent. It simply means that you’re willing to admit that parenting is hard, and you’re not going to pretend that everything is sunshine and rainbows.

At Dad and Buried, Mike Julianelle is the ultimate anti-parent, and his blog is a safe space for other parents who want to embrace that philosophy. By being honest about the challenges of parenting, Mike is helping other parents feel less alone and more empowered to be themselves.

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